Week 14-15

By the end of week 14 the baby is the size of a pear with an aprox. length of 10.1 cm. As week 15 commences he will be able to rub his eyes. 😀 His hairline is forming, his eyelashes and eyebrows are growing. Me and Ken are starting to think of names even if the sex of the baby is still a mystery to us. We have came to an agreement and decided that if he’s a boy Ken will get to name him, and I’ll name her if is a girl. I am not using my creativity towards this purpose though as I don’t really think this baby is a girl – I just let him contemplate of boys names. All this process made me discover new things about myself – I actually have no problem in agreeing to any name he wants to choose as this baby is his too. This is such a surprise! I have always thought that I will be the main responsible for this kind of things, not because I have to, but because I WANT TO! But I am so happy to see Ken happy and I value all his opinions and thoughts when it comes to our baby. I let him get involved as much as he wants to, even if I’m the ‘oven’ and he has to do nothing but wait for the ‘oven’ to open. haha. This is the first time in my life that I find myself on the position where I equally share something with someone (someone that is not my sister 😀 ) – obviously I am not referring to things like food or drinks but to something more valuable than that. I do admit that I came up with some ideas – that were so not attractive!


I have now stopped working. As soon as I finished my last shift, I jumped in the car and moved to Nottingham. I know I will miss work and everyone at work so much. As much as I was so ready to start my new life with Ken, I felt incredibly emotional to leave everything behind. This work place I am leaving has offered me the best work experience in my life, in terms of knowledge, personal development, team work and fun memories. Also great friendships came to existence there. This is when I welcome this new chapter of my life, this new journey where I will face the exciting unknown.


This is actually the first time in a long time when I have no occupation at all. I really needed a break. Just the right time to relax and look after myself better. My mind seems to be more clear. My brain doesn’t meet any stress. I am still an active person but my activity doesn’t involve having huge responsibilities (yet). I’m trying to take advantage of this and explore as much as I can the last few months of not being a mother. So I’m not in a hurry with this pregnancy, or giving birth. I am enjoying every single minute of my life, even if that means simply going to cinema or downloading a silly game on my phone, to play while I still can, or going away, visit places. I must confess that I now remember to hydrate  my face every night before sleep (yes, I lacked at girly things to do and I have loads of beauty products that I completely ignored until now – God knows why I enjoyed buying so many and using few to none at all). That’s why I must be thankful for the genetic gift my mum has offered me.  I stopped smoking, I read books and I watch movies, I wake up whenever I want 😀 . I feel free. I spend more time on Social Media – not proud of it though. But most importantly I’m getting ready for the holiday to Tenerife 😀 where I’ll go with my mum and my sister. YAY. I’m counting the days, the hours, the minutes… I know these are ordinary things I would do even if I work, but it feels and it is so much different now. LUCKILY I still have plenty of energy and I am never sick.


I feel movements of the baby when I lay down on my back. I no longer sleep on my belly – it just feels a bit uncomfortable doing so. This was my favourite sleeping position and God I miss it so much! There isn’t such thing as a rule of the way to sleep best yet, I guess everyone must do whatever feels more comfortable to them. *At this point I was asking myself how am I going to sit when I’ll have to lay on my belly on the water slides in holiday – little did I know I was not allowed to enjoy the water slides anymore – soon to find out the ugly news.


We own two beautiful dogs. Two american akitas – both of around 50 kg each. The strongest, most dominant dogs I have ever been around of. A boy and a girl, Hachi and Nana. Nana is the long coat breed (our fluffy bear) while Hachi is short coat (less fluffy bear). Only the new dogs in the neighbourhood would dare come close to them. I honestly pray for the safety of the cats that walk freely on the street when they are out. Nana’s younger and she doesn’t have any other dog friends other than Hachi because she doesn’t know how to play nicely and she would bully any dog. Hachi has friends, but he can’t play with them because Nana is always there and she’s jealous and the other dogs are too scared of her to get close to Hachi. However, we keep both of them on the lead – always. As much as Nana isn’t …let’s say dog friendly, she loves human beings and loves to be stroked by literally everyone! She also almost never barks and she has no expression at all when a dog comes close, which confuses that dog because he can’t read her intention. But as being always on the lead no incidents can happen.

At this stage of the pregnancy I still feel safe and energetic to go walk them, sometimes on my own, and other times even run with them when Ken has got time to accompany me. I noticed Hachi doesn’t like the sound of babies crying. It will be so important to introduce the baby to them properly and try not change my attitude towards them. It will be hard to do so since Nana’s following me anywhere I go, even to the toilet 🙂 every-single-time.

I have attached plenty of pictures of H & N below.







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