13 Weeks – Dating Scan

Hello baby! Whooaa..the day has finally came and we got to see our baby during an ultrasound. I am not able to find a way to describe this feeling using my simple vocabulary. However I cried and laughed at the same time. He seems so big! I could see his hand so clearly – but then he moved it so it hasn’t been caught in the picture. 😀

The sonographer measured my baby and set an estimated due date for his birth – 3rd October, so it has moved 2 days later than the date we initially thought it will be (His daddy’s Birthday is on the 8th, same month). This first scan that we had also consisted in an ‘nuchal translucency’ scan which is a screening test for ‘Down’s syndrome’ – or a stage of it where the neck of the baby is measured. All is great! However I have chosen to have the second screening for a Down’s and a few other syndromes as well – just as a personal preference. This stage consisted in blood being taken (aaa-g-aaa-i-n). The results came after a week or so and the outcome was favourable. We are aware that these tests are not always 100% accurate.


My baby is the size of a kiwi this week! All the organs of his digestive system are developing into their final shape. I’m at the beginning of the second trimester and I FEEL GREAT!


I forgot to mention that somewhere in between week 9-10 Ken got sick to the point where he could only get out the bed to go and vomit, a few times an hour. I obviously stayed by him, then we decided to go emergency where it was full of kids and people vomiting outside and inside the waiting room. He got a virus that passes from one to another by air and touching – I completely forgot the name of it but a lot of people were affected, even at my work place. The nurse told me that I’m most likely to get it too, so if that happens I’ll just have to stay in bed and eat nothing until I recover. IT DID NOT HAPPEN TO ME. And I’m so happy about it and I mention this here just because I am amazed to see how strong my immune system currently is, and there I thought (as everyone tells me so) that my body is supposed to be more fragile and sensitive during pregnancy. I wasn’t afraid of the virus, kissed Ken and slept next to him that night. I luckily got away with it just like I got away without having a flu/cold when a lot of people that surrounded me were ill during UK winter time. 🙂

I should also mention here that I have refused to have the ‘flu jab’ recommended by NHS. I am not a vaccine believer/supporter and I just trusted my own body that it will keep me safe. 🙂 I however accepted to have the ‘whooping cough’ one because it wasn’t a decision I had to make for myself only and I didn’t want to have the chance to regret it later.


I got bitten by a dog! I stepped in between two dogs to stop a fight and because of the adrenaline rush (probably) one of the dogs bite my leg from behind. I GOT SO SCARED thinking of the baby! It had never happened to me before. I was wearing long black trousers – some sort of jeans imitation. I started to run back home thinking that there’s a lot of blood on my leg. I took my trousers off at home and there was nothing, just pain and a few teeth marks. I called 101 just to ask for an advice. They told me to take Paracetamol (to ease the pain) and wait until the General Practice would open, as that happened during a Bank Holiday weekend. I have not taken any pain relief and have not called my GP. I just didn’t think that I was really harmed. I washed my leg with water and soap and next day I had a huge, dark bruise on my leg – that I did not know how to hide from my mum or from my holiday pictures later 😀 .


Have I told you that apparently I’m NOT allowed to eat ice cream or anything cold??? This is what I’ve been told. Eeeeek…what??! This ‘rule’ was new to me and I didn’t think it makes sense: eating ice cream = harming my baby! I have googled it and guess what? Some websites suggest that is better not to as it’s making the baby cold. And this saying is part of the Asian culture as they believe it would freeze the baby. 😐 I am not going to say more or extend my opinion on this matter, but just know that if you ever have doubts or anyone tells you it’s not safe – it isn’t true! Or at least the temperature of it is not a problem. You do have to make sure that it’s made with pasteurised milk and eggs.


In terms of the vitamins intake, my midwife suggested I stop taking Pregnacare and I take the ones that NHS provides for free instead – which include less vitamins: only Vitamin D, C and Folic Acid. I do believe Vitamin D is a must – almost the end of March and the sky is rainy, days are windy, everything s cold. If before they were telling you to take folic acid in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, now, new studies say that you should take it all the way through the pregnancy. I listen. I do as I am being told. Of course I’m not ‘going to sleep’ thinking that the tube of vitamins is my hero. I am taking the nutrients I need from my diet (that is at the moment a mix of healthy combined with ..oups..sugary stuff) as well.

Taking folic acid can help prevent birth defects of the baby’s brain and spinal cord. A high amount of this is found in avocados. 


I have almost stopped smoking.


If you know me well, you can see a tiny baby bump!


Now here’s my baby ♥:



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