♥ I can feel the baby moving!!! Not kicks, but very light movements in my tummy, like flutters. I know that is possible to feel your baby move so quick at your second pregnancy, not first, but I was thinking that it may happen to me due to myself being skinnier. 😀 ♥

First Midwife Appointment

As soon as I walked into the room I asked myself: ‘Where is the computer screen? Where s that screen where I’ll see my baby on? Is it maybe in a different room? Will we move rooms? Wheeeere is it???!’ No screen there. Scan is next week at the hospital. Another week of waiting.

I knew they had to take some of my blood this time for tests, and I was terrified at the thought of a needle. I hate needles and the feeling of it going through my skin. I had to cowardly lay down and close my eyes – and ask Ken to support me by turning his head around and not look at it either because he is the same. God!!! How will we both do during labour?! Anyway, considering that she needed blood to fill 3 containers and one of them had an ‘error’ so then she struggled to use it and eventually swapped it for another one I DID WELL :)) (extra brave points for me). And YES I didn’t bruise. It’s weird how as terrified as I am of needles I don’t bruise and I don’t mind the pain. These blood tests were: blood group; screen for anemia; test for hepatitis B, and HIV and other STD. I had a blood pressure test taken, and urine test that is taken for several reasons like protein, infections and pre-eclampsia.

My midwife is such a nice lady.

I’ve been told that the ideal weight, considering my height, is 59 kg. I have never weighted this much in my whole life! Getting to it seems unreal to me. How am I going to manage to get myself 10 kg heavier (was the mystery back then) ? Well, I have obviously not stressed about it and just let the things be as I think my body knows what he’s doing. I do believe that a healthy and a positive mind, that doesn’t leave worries take the lead helps more than anything. Probably that’s why I’m maybe my midwife’s favourite patient that visits her (and the visit doesn’t last long), since I don’t have many questions to ask and I don’t worry about anything. I understand that this should be the most life changing situation that I’m in but I don’t do much thinking about it and I don’t welcome it as a change – if that makes sense. I love it when my mum says ‘You’re pregnant, not ill!’.

My blood type is 0 NEGATIVE – I’ll need an Anti D Injection later. I will explain in details more about this blood type in a following post.

One more week and I’m going to have the scan – what if the baby’s not there? Keep in mind that I got so far up with all the process and only had one pregnancy test done. I am not experiencing sickness, cravings, I am not tired, I only have bigger (much bigger) breasts and no period since December 2016.

One more week and I’ll stop working so I can move to Nottingham with Ken.

Below is a picture of me and Ken waiting to be seen by the midwife at our first parents-to-be appointment. 🙂 (He’s going to be so happy that I chose that picture of him – not. )

Baby’s development update

Size of a plum this week. His liver and spleen are now producing blood cells. His liver accounts for 10 percent of the total weight. The muscular system and nervous system are responding to each other so the baby is now able to bend, stretch, kick and even make faces. The kidneys are now producing urine from the amniotic fluid that he ingests. He won’t be using the lungs to breath until birth and all the oxygen needed is coming from the placenta. As I mentioned in a previous post, I take my basic information about the development of my baby from the mobile app I purchased – Pregnancy+.


As things cannot always be perfect I now have bleeding gums every single time I brush my teeth. My dentist recommended I use ‘Corsodyl’ for 10 days, twice a day. I got the alcohol free one, used it and obviously has not fixed the problem. I just use a standard mouth wash now and it seems better – it’s not that bad anyway.


Still smoking – much less, 1 to 3 a day, not every day. I just relate stress relief to smoking now. Not that I’m usually stressed. But I do usually get upset for meaningless things. I blame it on the hormones.


I have attended my dad’s Birthday this week (19th March). All family came over and it was a great day. I’m still not used to ‘you’re soon to be a mother’ look. Mother????? ME?


I have attended a party in town as Ken had to be there. It was so fun. My first night out since I was like….maybe 19 or 20 years old where I consume only water and orange juice. I haven’t been really dancing either which is unusual for me – but my body just doesn’t seem to get the moves anymore now 🙂 Anyway I have attached a picture below of me and my friend from that night who is also pregnant now (just a few weeks apart from me 😀 ). (yes I’m wearing a weird, flashing – whatever is called – thing around my neck 😐 )







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