Week 6-11

The memories I have from these weeks faded (that’s why I need to hurry up and get up to date with the posts before I forget even more).

By week 11 apparently my baby got to the size of a fig, weighting 2 g and with a length of 2.3 cm, crown to rump. 😀 By the end of week 11 the placenta will start functioning. His fingernails will also start to form 🙂 . He will look more human now and the vital organs are fully formed, while his head is almost as big as the rest of his body.

I am very lucky that I have so much energy, I’m never sick, I just feel normal. I have finally gained 3.2 kg and now I’m 49.2. That shows on my legs and obviously my boobs. My tiny, tiny, tiny waist is not so tiny anymore. My body is welcoming the growth of my baby.

I’m waiting to see the midwife soon. Oh’ I need to mention how I thought that I will benefit of a scan at this appointment. I was contemplating of this moment!

I told my mum the news! I was quite nervous to be honest. We decided to meet in town for lunch. I really thought that when a moment like this comes I would be so creative and turn it into a beautiful event. This time I was actually left with no creativity and didn’t even know how to start saying it. Anyway she said that she knew it as soon as she has seen me – mother intuition. She always reads me. I am so happy. We are 2 sisters and 1 brother and none of us took the lead to embrace motherhood/fatherhood until now. My mum is finally going to have a grandson/ granddaughter.

I can’t really say I am certain of the sex of the baby, although when I talk about HIM, I address it like HE is a BOY, and I have a little, tiny feeling that he might be. For some reason I have always imagined that I will have a girl, dress her up and play with her, give her a beautiful name (which ever that would be as I didn’t think of one yet) and that she will be born in August – A LEO – like me, and if that doesn’t work, a Scorpio like my mum. I can’t believe how quickly these things got to have zero importance to me. All I want now is a healthy baby. 🙂

One of the things I love the most about this pregnancy is that my cheeks are rosy. I absolutely love, love it! This is due to the higher amount of blood in my body. Thanks to it I don’t need make-up anymore. I don’t even know why I’m saying this as I don’t really do my make-up anymore (not proud of doing so).

My nails have grown again and they are just as usual, hard and healthy. I will attach a picture below of how my natural nails look like.




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