Week 5

My baby’s the size of a sesame seed. Time to start getting prenatal care. (I thought)

I registered myself to a General Practice in Nottingham as I’ll soon be moving here and this is where I’ll give birth. Had my first appointment with a doctor who only seen me for a small conversation to update my records. She also arranged a midwife appointment for me and recommended I start taking ‘Pregnacare’ for 3 months claiming that they’re the best – she didn’t check if I actually need them or not. She didn’t make me have a second pregnancy test either. I thought it was going to be a more interesting appointment πŸ™‚ but it only ended up in leaving me excited for the next one instead, when I’ll see the midwife. However I do not have any concerns at all regarding this pregnancy so far. For now I just want things to happen faster and the sesame seed to turn into a watermelon.

My due date at this point is 1st October.

As soon as I left the GP, I bought the ‘Pregnacare Plus’. I am not a fan of vitamins in general or any type of medicine. Months ago I even stopped taking the famous Paracetamol (and the rest of his brothers and sisters) when it comes to pain relief or cold/flu. However, as my baby is involved I gave these tablets a go – mostly because they contain folic acid and Vitamin D (I can’t really say that the natural source of vitamin D is easy to find where I am). But then of course I have dressed up my table with all the nutrients I thought I need and that I could find in:

  • avocados – for the folic acid. Luckily I love them!
  • broccoli – great source of Iron (I don’t eat much red meat …not too much…once a year maybe. The reason – just because. No reason.
  • citrus fruits – had a thing for Raspberries at the beginning;
  • cheese – oh what a delight πŸ™‚ Too bad I can’t have blue cheese or goats cheese anymore 😦 (unless is cooked) I actually had those later too as I couldn’t helped it or I just did not realise until I finished eating it – oups. Cheese is actually what I love the most and there will a-l-w-a-y-s be in my fridge!
  • milk – started with milk and cereals first. Later I gave up on cereals and just had the milk.Β 
  • nuts;

And that’s my ‘food to be healthy’ list. I did not have all of these every single day. I did not stress too much about food or anything else, however I made sure my diet is quite balanced. I’m still going ‘Mc Donald’s’ – I actually like it now!!! I’m still eating take away food, sweets (a lot of them, daily) and still smoking. I’m not a coffee drinker anymore – since long before I got pregnant. I love the taste of it so decaff does its job all the time. πŸ™‚ It’s a great achievement that I removed caffeine from my life. I feel so much better without it and so much more energetic . Realised I don’t actually need it to stay awake and there s no such thing as addiction to it. You just get used being without it after a few days (of sleepy eyes).

I AM NOT CRAVING! AT ALL. πŸ™‚ And by that I mean I don’t experience ‘pregnancy cravings’. I crave food without being pregnant and I just know that now there’s no difference in the way I feel when I see or think of things I want to eat. I do not understand pregnancy cravings. I’m not sure if week 5 is one when you’re supposed to have cravings, however I did not experience them later either.

I’ve installed a mobile app called ‘Pregnancy+’ which is very useful, informative and fun. I think I got all my basic information from here. It’s free in the first few weeks, but trust me you become addicted to it, so you’ll pay the Β£2.99 (or so) after. It helps you keep track of all your appointments and development of your baby – such a great feeling to be notified that you advanced one more week and your baby is growing! Everything that I do or have and is related to the baby makes me enjoy things more and feel more special – like this app, the midwife trips or this blog.Β 

I’m not going out anymore. I go home every night after work and I travel to Nottingham in my days off – short train journeys.

My baby’s kicking right now as I type (Today marks the 26th week of the pregnancy). πŸ™‚





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