Pregnancy symptoms so far (WEEK 4+5)

Symptoms and body changes I have gone through by now:

  • fast beating heart (not always but exactly when I put myself to bed and I need to fall asleep);
  • breasts growing (today, after months, I’m still asking myself when they’ll stop growing??). They also feel tender but this will go away in a month or so (yay);
  • mood changing. OKAY. This needs to be followed by an explanation. The only moments I feel affected by this is when I’m at work (sadly). If there were things that I was not okay with before I could have managed to keep my mouth shut and go over it….now those times are gone and everything that goes through my head comes out my mouth and let’s say that everything that annoys me is amplified and I want to burn on fire (or burn something on fire);
  • I dream! Every night. A few times a night. Even if I fall asleep for 10 minutes. My dreams are awkward – people I haven’t seen in 10 years and I will probably not see ever again come in my dream. It seems so real. And have I said weird?

..That’s all there is to it when it comes to changes I experience. And I consider myself being so lucky for not having to go through the following:

  • sickness or nausea – Not even once;
  • being tired – NO WAY! I have more energy than ever!
  • lacking of food appetite – NO SIR – all food is YUMMY. Give me more of everything – no matter how strong the taste and the smell is;
  • headaches – never!
  • sickness to perfume smell and any other fragrances – NO – I actually love them more now and I ask people what perfumes they’re wearing (by people I mean even strangers I pass by)
  • I haven’t been ill/had a cold or flu in a very long time (it’s still winter) – my mum says this means that my body was getting ready for the baby, he he;

In other words, with exception made by the changes my body goes through that I have mentioned at the beginning of this post, I don’t feel pregnant at all and that to me is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. 🙂 (Because sometimes I turn into a crying baby if something happens to me or I’m not well) I do have some pains inside my tummy but I completely ignore them as I know that they are normal because my body is expanding and busy making space for a growing baby. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I have attended a photo shoot in the park – it was FREEEZING cold (6 degrees outside) and I had to wear a summer dress only 🙂 It was dangerous for me and I risked a ‘beautiful’ flu, but this fortunately did not happen and I was all fine (I attached pictures below). I just guessed that I’m lucky and that my immune system is great – and that surprises me because as I said I have never been careful or worried about my health and what I eat – this is what I call ‘irresponsible day dreamer’. This photo shoot took place when I was 10 weeks pregnant or so (my hair got a bit longer).

I am not researching pregnancy and I am not reading other stories or google things that might happen to me in this journey. I, however, went on to read some posts on a blog that I’ve read before (many years ago) just because I enjoyed it, not because I was interested to inform myself on being a mother. I enjoyed reading it again because it’s being written very positively – just like I like it. 🙂

*Oh’ I forgot to mention that I’m now busy taking toilet trips on a ‘every-minute-basis’ – quite annoying I must say, since this is another thing that disturbs my sleep every night.

I’m so happy!







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