Week 4

As I have mentioned in my introduction post I am now in the middle of the 25th week of pregnancy so everything I write related to the first trimester is in the past – and it feels like it happened ages ago. That’s why I won’t go with ‘week by week’ update every time. And even if I would, I would not have much to write on a weekly basis since, I’ll explain this later, I didn’t go through the usual pregnancy symptoms – or I didn’t really have any pregnancy symptoms at all.


First step I made to greet the pregnancy in my life was to run to a hairdresser – not the one I usually go to because it really didn’t matter what shape my hair would take, and have a cut, as short as I could. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was just a bit below my shoulders and that’s a BIG change for me. Also, I cut my nails straight away (I usually keep them long because they grow extremely fast and healthy). I somehow thought that a long hair and nails would consume the resources and nutrients in my body – I still do not know, in the course of the present day, if that makes sense or is just a myth. However, as weeks have passed, I didn’t worry about these aspects anymore – my nails are back to being long, so is my hair, and I feel great. ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m still working.

I announced one of my best friends who also works there and got really happy and excited for me – that was a relief because I knew that she always says what she thinks. (and I love her for that) ๐Ÿ™‚


I am currently a smoker – with an activity of 10 cigarettes a day (or less). I feel guilty and as easy as I thought stopping would be if I’d ever try it, now it seems dangerously hard.


My heart beat is going crazy. I guess smoking makes it crazier. This is why I can’t sleep sometimes or I fall asleep really late and I feel like a zombie at work. I don’t worry much though as I know that is completely normal and my heart has a job of pumping faster now due to the higher amount of blood in my body.


My boobs get bigger every day and I already have to put some tops to sleep, on a side. As a side note…..they were already big so they will soon be the size of my head (or bigggeer ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )


I live in Birmingham still and my boyfriend in Nottingham (*it’s been like this for a while now and our relationship had it ups and downs just like any other long distance relationships, I guess). I decided to carry on working for a while and not move there just yet as I need to be and feel productive. So the first time we met after I announced him, he took me on a beautiful date –non-alcoholic one. haha. to celebrate. (I added a picture below that was taken on the night)


I started, for the first time in my life, to think ย and reconsider everything I eat and how I can make sure is all safe and healthy – the beginning of this process was giving me a hard time because I find it so boring and I get tired by actually becoming conscious when it comes to what goes in my stomach. Until now I have never refused myself anything in terms of I wanted to eat, whenever I wanted to have it (night and day) and I didn’t know what counting calories means or feels like (still don’t know that yet). Current weight was 46 kg – but I have always been a girl who loved food and ate it with no regrets, a lot of it, and those who know me but don’t really spend time with me do not believe in such thing and mean ‘individuals’ wonder how come I’m still alive.




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