First pregnancy – the summer of my life.

– is what I call this wonderful stage of my life! I would call it straight away ‘9 months of summer’ but I’m still somewhere after mid pregnancy so is too early for that.

Before I’ll go deep into the subject and create more posts I’ll be honest with you and say that I have not prepared myself for this to come – I haven’t planned this pregnancy in advance therefore I have not focused on being somewhat healthier/ taken vitamins/ visited any doctors, I have never in my life been on any diet – to either loose or gain weight or just to keep myself healthy. Keep in mind that my pre-pregnancy weight was 46 kg (on 1.69cm height) – so this is what any doctor would call ‘not ideal’. On top of that, just one week before I found out I’m pregnant I attended a late-Christmas party where I …consumed alcohol (to the point where I honestly got drunk – but oh well at least this is not my habit). However, having a baby was my boyfriend’s dream while I haven’t pictured in my head a date or moment in my life when this will happen – sometimes I call this irresponsibility . I am 28 years old and I always thought that my life will follow a normal rhythm of getting married and then have children – it happened the other way around and now this is my new ‘normal’, considering the wedding at the bottom of my priority list – well I do wish I won’t get too many wrinkles before I jump into a wedding dress.

Just one month before getting pregnant I stopped taking the daily pill for many reasons that are related to me thinking that they are actually harmful to my general health and well being – oh’ not to mention the mood changing I was going through and how that affected me at work. I just don’t know what method of contraception I’ll go for after this baby. For now I’ll make a wish that they will invent something for men to take so that we, ladies, can relax and stop a bit from torturing ourselves. :-))

The magic day I found out that I’m pregnant was 22nd January 2017. It was eaaaasy. I just got home from work and wanted to jump into the shower when I noticed a BIG change in my boobs. My period wasn’t even late yet (first day of the last one on 25th December). SO, without any doubts I guessed I’m pregnant, bought the cheapest pregnancy test from Tesco and …there you go..after a few seconds of doing the test the second line appeared – as a faint line! That was all the confirmation I needed. I haven’t done a second test (not right then or any other time after), I just knew I AM and told my boyfriend in the morning.

My reaction was just to not have any reaction and go sleep so I can wake up to reality the next day and think it through. The next day reality represented in me waking up HAPPY and nervous about telling others – I couldn’t even pronounce the word ‘pregnant’ or ‘mother’ or ‘birth’ yet if that had to be related to myself because as happy as I was I couldn’t get used to the idea in just a few hours after the news knocked in.




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