#1 (Hello)

This is my very first post and probably not the most inspired one as I’m not good at introductions.

Today marks 25w+2 of my first pregnancy. I wished to have a journal so I can draw all the important steps, experiences and emotions I go through at this point of my life. I couldn’t decide if I needed a pencil to do so or if I should simply create a new document in my computer and start writing. I even browsed online customised pregnancy journals to buy that I can write in. However none of these attracted my inspiration and hunger to do things special so my next thought was to START A BLOG. This is my second one (had another in 2010 that I kind of gave up on after 1 year as my life became too busy and I was taken away with different things) and also a big challenge because ‘English’ is not my first language – so wish me good luck with that.

This is for me, and hopefully for my child – in the future – if he’ll have the curiosity to read (me).

I will also take the opportunity to write about the way I see ‘parenting’ and what are the steps a mum should take in educating her child – before I even experience this myself – just so I can compare the way I think as a mum-to-be with a mum-in-action. Oh’ trust me I have strong opinions regarding this matter and a lot of dos and don’ts fly through my head. (Just like I had before I became a smoker – I was convinced I will never do it and I was holding tough speeches to convince my sister to stop. It didn’t take me long to forget these speeches and start smoking myself. 🙂 I have now however stopped thanks to the life growing inside me.

22nd June2017 – 20:17

Here I start …


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